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Hello everyone.  I am just learning to make Paraffin and Soy candles so Gel Candles are a thing for the future but I would like to learn just to have the option to decorate my family gatherings at home.  I would like to know how I can make my own embeds.  I own a lot of silicone molds because I work with Epoxy Resin for jewelry and crafts.   Are there instructions on how to make them anywhere on this forum.  Thanks everyone!!! 

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I used to make embeds for gel candles when I was more active with gel candles -- cool that you have silicone molds!  I used candy molds, but many of them turned out nicely.  I'm keeping most of my molds just in case I get the urge to do them again!  I used hurricane wax (high melt point wax) and specialty glitters (fine and I think some are ultra-fine, I'd have to look) ... I would sprinkle just a bit in the bottom of the mold and then gently pour.


For using them, I did it a couple of different ways, but for ones up against the glass, I have a nice method that I use that usually works out well.

Answering your post is making me want to get some more gel!!  :)

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