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Day fresh and Night sexy EO blends for candle

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They will be used with beeswax candles.  I do not mind putting more EOs ($) as it is for my personal use and not for sale.   It will be most helpful if you can tell me the ratio of essential oils you poured.  I'm looking for something fresh during the day, uplifting maybe some florals, energizing.  At night I want something sexy, masculine or feminine doesn't matter.  I want to try a few 

combos!  Thank you so much I appreciate it!

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Guest OldGlory

In my experience, it won't matter what sort of wax you use, EOs don't work well in candles.

If you want a really good aromatherapy experience, try an oil warmer. Fill the bowl with hot water, put a few drops of the essential oils you find uplifting or sexy. Not only does this conserve your essential oils, but it gives a purer (no flame, no soot, no competing scent of wax) experience.

Putting EOs into hot wax as you are making your candle will burn off some of the oil before you ever light the candle. Essential oils are way more volatile than FOs.

If you still want to make EO candles, I suggest 1/4 to 1/2 oz per lb of wax. Peppermint will take less. Lavender will take more and since it is a light scent you may even need to increase it. Sweet orange is uplifting. Sandalwood is deep and sexy. Not sure you'll want to spend $40 on a tiny bottle of Sandalwood to make a candle, but it is certainly your choice to make. To get profiles of each oil (and perhaps ideas of blends) I would suggest researching your EOs on a website like Majestic Mountain Sage or Camden-Grey.

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