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Manly scents, looking for experienced suggestions!?

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Since you posted in the EO section I assume you are looking for EO scent combos? A few EOs off the top of my head that can be used for men are bay rum, allspice, sandalwood, cinnamon, cedar, patchouli,oakmoss, black pepper, lavender, orange, lime, ginger, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, sage, etc.


I mostly use EOs in CP soap. Don't use them for candles. I prefer to use FOs made for candles. You can find FOs that have EOs in them. I use FOs because they work much better in candles than a lot of EOs.

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And if you posted here by accident, then my suggestions would be: 


Cognac and Cubans (NG)

Polo Black (swoon)


FOR EOs, I rather love the smell of juniper berry in about everything. Yeah black pepper, but what about anise, amyris for your sandalwood, clary sage, basil, cedar wood, orange and maybe grapefruit. 

Just thinking that juniper berry, cedar wood, basil and an orange might make something nice or give you something to play with ... perhaps with the amyris. 

The clary sage, juniper berry, grapefruit and basil might be nice, but if you play basil, play easy. 

Vetiver, frankincense would be nice to play with too (or just use it on its own) or with patchouli or with sandalwood. 

Crap I need to play a little bit lol! 


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On 8/5/2016 at 11:09 AM, Candle&Holder said:

Hey all,


I'm looking for some recommendations for masculine scents to be used in candles made for men. I've got a few but looking for other suggestions. For example: if you walk into your boyfriends house and he was burning scented candles, what scent would make you melt hehe!

I'm confused.... 



Well, that takes me out of the game. Um, I might suggest something that YOU like. I'll be honest, if you give your man a candle and tell him to have it burning when you come over or else that candle WILL BE BURNING when you come over. That's how it works.

Personally I like bay rum, citrusy scents, some *ever so light* conifers, cranberry, other people, pineapple, coconut, almonds, florida water, neroli, bergamot, women, and the list just goes on and on... 

Basically, if you're trying to pick a scent to ply to your significant-ish other THEN it's a simple question: If he goes to the gym, (insert place he will have to show up at without you), will he get razzed for smelling like (insert floral/girl-ish scent), if the answer is "YES!" Then "NO!" is the answer to "do I give this candle to him?" DON'T DO IT! It's NOT fair. If you do foist a girly scented candle/soap/ anything he WILL take it, and he WILL burn it/use it...

Ok... That's enough insight for one day... I can't give away ALL of the Key to the Kingdom in one fell post... 

Sponiebr: Curmudgeon at large and Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. 


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