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I need to place an order for EO's for products ranging from soap - lotions etc + I remembered many on here talking about The Chemistry Store. The prices seem pretty cheap

to me so I was wondering about the quality .  I have the basics in my cart - Lime -California Lemon - Tea tree etc + a Cedarwood Texas White that seems very cheap but 

has a few very good reviews. Has anyone used their EO before, if so, what did you think ? Theres also Lebermuth FO's that sound really good too - Pineapple Jasmine 

Peach Gardenia - Mango Beachhwood - Coconut Cream - Vanilla Butter and Soothing Chamomile. Im hoping to hear some positive reviews on here but Im left to wonder

if the prices are cheap for a reason. As always, thank you again :) 

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Lebermuth FOs have been around for a long time and have a good reputation. I would never hesitate to order a Lebermuth oil. They also carry the best patchouli ever but you have to buy that directly from Lebermuth or Bulk Apothecary (which also carries Lebermuth FOs).


I have tried a few EOs from The Chemistry Store and was very happy with them. Particulary the lemon eucalyptus and orange 10x.


I have ordered many supplies over the years from The Chemistry Store and have never been disappointed.


Recently I have been thinking of starting to order more FOs from them. I just wish they carrried more FOs including the patchouli.

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