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Wick Suggestions For GB 464 + 415

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Good morning everyone :) I received my samples of GB 464 + 415 last week but haven't decided on wicks to test yet. Any suggestions on what type/sizes to get.

Im going to use some 8 oz square mason jars/ 3" diameter & some other jars that are a tad wider too - I think some jars I was looking at were 3.5" or slightly smaller ?


Also, where can I get the rustic looking lids - the chunky ones that look rusted? Ive seen them on I think soysolutions ??? but they were over $1 a lid - does that sound

about right for price ? it just seemed high to me but idk ? Thank you in advance for any help you guys might have to offer :)



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8 ounce square mason and 415 the CD 10 or 12 have worked wonderful for me 

if you need a in between the CDN12 is usually perfect 

of course method and fragrance load will play a part in it so you may want to get some 8 and 14 also

464 I  used the same but it didn't burn the same - you could try HTP or I have read the premiers are great in that wax 

the rustic lids are ridiculous expensive - Fillmore has them I believe but I would of had to add a dollar a jar ton use them- inwent with CS brown rustic instead 

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As always, thank you for your help, moonshine :) your so thoughtful + helpful . Glad to know it wasn't just me on those lids being outrageously priced.

Yet, I see them being used all of the time, I like the brown rustic from CS as well. oh... the 415, from what I'm understanding that needs to be poured very

cool - slushy stage ? well - off to order some wicks :) 

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I pour right before slush- around 100*

i haven't searched for a long time but I spent so many hours finding those lids affordable and just couldn't - I most have to much money already into a candle to throw a lid on it that's over a dollar a piece - I love them and wish I could use them maybe in a bigger jar one day the price will offset itself but for now I'm happy with the CS Ones and people don't generally keep the lids anyways.....that's the feedback I have gotten 

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I know I'm late getting to this post, but I agree exactly with what Moonshine and Momma said about the wicking as I do exactly the same

464 Wax

Jar:  8oz little square mason or even the 16oz mason

Wick:  CD12 or CD10

I've never had to up to a cd 14 as of yet

Old timey heavy duty lids:  Filmore is the best price like what Moonshine said

I agree also, you can get the other lids from just about any old place and they come in all sorts of colors - and Filmore has the best selection of colors like the pewter, silver, gold, rustic, even red and I think green.  Most of all my supplies come from Flaming as they are the closest and shipping is great so I get my lids there and also the 464 wax


Here is a little pointer.  I sell wholesale to shops.  Instead of ordering the mason jars from candle companies where there is the cost of shipping involved I elimanated that part and get all my jars from Save A Lot grocery store.  El cheapo for the jars and no shipping.  Granted they are round and not square but with one of the lids discussed and a  great looking label, they are just dynamite.  I get the 16oz Golden Harvest jars....love em.   If you go to even Family Dollar or Dollar General you will find these jars for 6.95 or 7.95 a case of 12 and no shipping...just tax.   Ace Hardware has them and even look in the grocery stores.  They all have either the Ball Jars or the Golden Harvest jars...You can save LOTS of money by buying like that.


Good luck...tell us your findings!



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