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Digging into the past.. Part Deux


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I am having fun digging these old pics up. Some are pretty embarrassing but I still get a kick out of them.

These are my journey into floating candles...

First up is setting up the candles for a photo shoot


Next is the photo shoot. My promotional shot:


Floating candles are fun and I was thinking of doing a tutorial if I can find the time.

Next up is my Cow Ice Candle. Every chandler should make at least one.


Another shot from a different angle. I scented the candle with chocolate fudge and peppermint. It smelled awesome and was a total blast to make!


Next up. Some of my very first candles. They are paraffin and I thought they were the cat's meow. Now I cringe when I think of them. They smelled awesome but smoked and mushroomed like a nuclear bomb going off.


Here's a 26oz jar. These are huge and last forever.


One of my first photo shoots for my paraffin candles.


My first foray in parasoy candles. And... I am still a photog novice. I started getting bolder and using more color in my photos and candles.



Last is a group of early photo sessions. I am always working on my photos, the set up, lighting, etc. Believe it or not these early sessions helped me learn a lot of what works and what doesn't.

This is one for my votive packaging with some tea lites thrown in.


Another votive promo shot


Trying out different picture settings


Hope you enjoyed!

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