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Editing features not working


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Okay its doing it again. You know how you can click on more reply options and then you can use the editing features. Well, when I click on it the options come on then flip off again. This has happened to me twice just now.

Another odd thing is when I tried to quote another post to comment on it my last post came up as the quote. Not the post I was trying to comment on.

Something funky is going on.

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I am using Mozilla Firefox and its working. My Internet Explorer browser is the one I normally use. Thats the one that is now suddenly not working right.


I don't mind using Firefox its just I now have to get all my old bookmarks redone. Unless I can find a way to 'move' them from my old browzer to Firefox. Any ideas?

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I am sort of liking the Firefox better. Its faster and has some cool perks. I just have to get used to it.


Yesterday when I was having problems I did a full comp scan on nothing showed up. So then I tried another full scan with a different program. It found some suspect files and an attempted hacking so I cleaned it up. Funny how some programs pick up stuff that others don't. I don't know if it helped any but I also did a hard drive restore and file cleanup. But my computer didn't start running better until I switched to Firefox. But at least I have piece of mind... for now.

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