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Any advice on proportions for blending a Pumpkin Spice Latte fragrance?


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Since the last two times I received advice in this forum on proportions for blending fragrances were spot on, I figured I'd go ahead and see if anyone has any tips on how to make a good pumpkin spice latte fragrance.

I was thinking I would need to use (all CS) pumpkin pie, cinnamon stick, fresh coffee, and (maybe?) vanilla.

My first go at it was 50/50 pumpkin pie and fresh coffee. But it wasn't pumpkin-y or spicy enough. And it had a bit of a burnt smell (I feel like the vanilla might mellow that out? Am I way off base thinking that?). I like venturing into the world of blending my own fragrances, but I feel like I'm just burning through so much wax, fragrance, time, and money with all this new testing. So any guidance would definitely be appreciated.

The good news is that I am getting really good at predicting a starting point for what size wick to use with 6006 in my jelly jars! All the experience and trial and error is really paying off. The last few scents I tested, I was able to correctly predict if I'd need to wick up or down.

Potentially pertinent info:

Igi 6006

8oz jelly jars

CD wicks

7-8% fragrance load

Thanks in advance :)

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Amanda, have you tried the q-tip test on your proposed blend? Dip a q-tip in each of your fragrance oils and put them in a jar together, seal it and let it sit a while for the scents to blend. Then take a sniff, you'll be able to tell if one scent predominates or not, if you want to smell more of the pumpkin, add another q-tip of pumpkin fo and let it sit again. Keep doing this until you get the proportions that your nose tells you is right. For example, you start out with 1 pumpkin, one coffee and one vanilla. You add one pumpkin later so then your mix is two parts pumpkin, 1 part coffee and 1 part vanilla. Voila!

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If it were me, I would use the pumpkin souffle instead. It smells more spicy and creamy to me. Add some fresh coffee and a little french vanilla.

Proportions? Not sure on this but I might start with:

50% pumpkin souffle

30% fresh coffee

20% french vanilla

I would first mix the vanilla and coffee to get my vanilla latte proportion right. I am thinking that is the key to making the scent work. Then I would mix the 'vanilla latte' 50/50% with the pumpkin. Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for the tips! You guys are seriously the best. You all have saved me a lot of time and testing so far and as a SAHM who sells here and there as supplementary income, your advice and guidance has been so invaluable to my family <3

Anyway...After using the q-tip trick with a couple of combos, I went with

25% pumpkin pie

25% pumpkin soufflé

30% fresh coffee

10% French vanilla

10% cinnamon stick

While mixing and initial cold sniff, it smells perfect. So I'll give it a good cure and report back. I think with the popularity of Starbucks' pumpkin spice lattes, this scent will be a good seller :)

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Candybee, on 05 Sept 2014 - 08:25 AM, said:

Amanda, that sounds absolutely scrumptious!


It does sound scrumptious! So yummy in fact that it sent me scramblin' to search through my samples to try to make a similar blend. And guess what I found that I'd forgotten about? A 4 oz bottle of ICS's Pumpkin Spice Latte! :02:

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The above mix has an excellent cold throw, excellent hot throw, and smells amazing like a pumpkin spice latte. And best part: NO BURNT SMELL! All my other attempts had a burnt smell to them. It definitely needed a 5 day+ cure though. The pumpkin scent came out more as it cured.

I used 6006 in an 8oz jelly jar with a CD10 and a 7% FL. So far the CD10 is burning well, but it looks like I might want to consider wicking down; we'll see how the rest of the candle goes.

But for anyone looking for a really great PSL scent, this mix is AWESOME. I brought home my empty pumpkin latte cup and my husband and I kept smelling the cup and the candle back and forth so impressed by how authentic the candle was. Lol.

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