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IGI 4627 - Best wicks for 3" double wicking

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Hi All


I've seen a few posts around 4627 and how difficult it can be to wick that wax.  It seems to be a far superior wax with scent throw, so I'm sticking with it.


The problem I have, especially here in Australia, we only have access to limited wicks; so I spend a lot of time and money importing wicks from the US only to find they don't work.  They either struggle half way down the jar and (I think) drown, or they are too big.  They soot/mushroom and make the glass hit around 100 degrees Celsius.


My question is this;   Who has successfully double wicked 4627 and what wicks do you use?  Other than HTP and ECO, as I find they are not working for us.


Also, do you find in winter the wicks need to change?



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I don't work with that wax but I have never had to change wicks in any wax I do use due to seasonal conditions. 

That would be impossible since you never know when your end user is going to actually burn the candle. They may buy it in Sept - Dec. but not actually burn it until May - you just never know... 

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