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Does letting a candle cure properly effect the burn

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Hey all


Just wondering, as I've been having issues getting a proper burn lately;


Does letting your candle cure make all that much difference with the burn?  I get that it makes a difference with the hot throw, but how much does it actually effect the burn?


Any thoughts?


I use 4627 paraffin and normally let cure for 2 days, but with all the testing I'm having to do I want to just leave them over night to test the burn.

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If I'm testing for wick alone, I burn when the candle is completely cool. Sometimes this can take a full day. Most of the time I won't test for at least 3 days, to make absolute sure it's cool and hard enough.

If I'm testing scent throw I usually wait at least 5 days. 

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When I used a paraffin wax I found that I didn't need much of a cure time. But it is always best to let the wax fully harden for at least 24 hours or longer is better. For example; for selling I make the candles a week ahead of time. For testing a new FO or wick I'd wait until the next day to test.


The answer will be different for other waxes. Soy and palm waxes are different. Their crystalline structures can take up to 3 days to develop and for the candle to fully harden. If you take a newly made palm wax candle less than 24 hrs old and a week old palm wax candle and burn them side by side you will see a big  difference in the burn characteristics.

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When I first started with 4627, I used to wait 36 - 48 hours but later read that long cure wasn't really necessary for paraffin wax. Its more relevant to soy wax candles. Personally, I sometimes burn after only 12 hours and haven't found any noticeable difference. Of course it depends a lot on the container. If I'm testing in 8oz metal tins, or 9 - 11.5 oz tumblers, I find that the candles set up relatively quickly. However, if we're talking about jelly or mason jars, I usually need to wait 24 hrs to ensure the candle is completely set up.

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