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Lavender & Chamomile Bastile


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This is part of my regular bastile soap line. Just trying out safflower powder for the first time for yellow. The picture is slightly enhanced so the yellow is brighter than the real soap but passable. I think I will stick with brighter micas.


In the mold and cut pix attached. I did a lovely mantra swirl that came out very nice but does not show up too well in the pics.



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I used a 50/50% blend of Tassi Lavender and Blue Chamomile from Soapalooza. Had lots of time to swirl but then its a high olive oil recipe.. I had a little too much time and had to wait for the right consistency to layer the colors so I could do the mantra.

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Does Bastile soap need as long of a cure as pure Castile soap ? Which do you prefer + why ? When you soap high OO soap do you soap cool or warm ?

Gorgeous colors on your soap - I just lavender as long as its not too camporous, I prefer a sweet type that smells like the actual flowers. 

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