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HELP!!!! Trying to stamp these bags~~~


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Ok so maybe someone here can help.... I have purchased these muslin bags, and stamped them with fabric stamp then sealed it with Krylon Low odor clear finish in Matte.  While they turned out great, I went to pull them out of the tote at my last show and the ink is running.  I have them filled with the corn cob sachet filling but it is dry when I fill my bags....any other suggestions on how to "seal" the ink so it won't run when exposed to the filling that scented? 

I tried to "heat set" them and that didn't work either....


Not sure if there is some kind of "iron on" product out there that would allow me to seal it from the oil but still let a scent thru?!?!?!?!  ANY help at all would be GREAT!!!  Ready to pull my hair out and I KNOW there has to be a way to do this...just can't get my slow mind to figure it out!  lol


These sat for appox 1 month before my show in a closed container......


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I use iron on transfers and never had a problem with the scent not coming through.  It works just fine and the transfers do not run.  But then I just have a small picture ironed on one side.


The only problem I ever had is that the muslin bag turned dark after one was sitting for about a year because the color of the FO was dark.  

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If you printer has a transfers setting it will automatically reverse your image for you.  I have a Canon Pro9000 Mark II.  If you have the transfer settings be sure and run a test on plain paper before using you transfer just to make sure it reverses it.

I hope this helps you,


Sharon Kay 

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