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wicks that stay upright?

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Hello everyone!
I've been using 464, 6% FO, and CD wicks in 8 oz jelly jars. Everything is fine: good throw, etc. The only problem I'm having is the curling of the wicks! I know they're supposed to curl, but it just seems like they're curling TOO much. I've snooped on some of the candles I've made for friends and family, and everyone is neglecting the wick! No matter how much I inform them, they ignore the wick and it droops all the way back into the wax. I suspect many non-candle makers do the same. 


My question is, should I switch over to wicks that will stay upright? If so, what kind? I've been looking everywhere but I just don't know where to begin! I'd love to hear anyone's input, what they've used, how it's worked out, etc. Thanks!

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I make container palm candles and the wicks I use CSN, are self trimming. Not sure they will work in your wax but I suggest you can start by finding self trimming type wicks.


Maybe someone who uses your wax will pipe up and tell you what they use.


If not, try reading up on wicks at www.wicksunlimited.com. Also, when you shop for wicks look for suppliers that carry self trimming wicks.


There is also a CDN wick. Not sure its self trimming but if you remember Stella she swore by them.

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Well cd or cdn are described as almost self-trimming wicks ands ecos are described as self-strimming. My experience has been that wicks are coated in different ways. Some have a heavy wax coating that makes them rigid and stand alone while the same wick from another source has a very light coating and is limp. The cdn wicks from Candle Coccoon used to have a heavy coating and burned much better but the last batch didn't have that same coating. Now you know the truth about people who burn candles. They don't ususally maintain the wicks. My only gripe with cd or cdn is that they tend to create a one sided melt pool for about 1/2 of the burn and create hang-up. I've tried about every wick known to the universe and always come back to cd or cdn or csn (same diff). I just wish they would go back to a rigid heavy coating. HTH


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If I remember correctly when I did use CD wicks in my soy containers I got some of the best hot throw but didn't like the flicker or the lopsided melt pool created from the curl.


Another wick I used but in my parasoy candles was a zinc. Those smoked and mushroom a lot but the flame was calm and the throw was the best out of any other wick I tried.


Unfotunately with wicks its can be a compromise. You can get great HC but at the cost of something like a 'shroom, or curl, or too much flicker, etc.


I always end up testing several series, sometimes more than once, until I would decide on which was best for me. Like Chuck has posted you can't depend on what your customers will do with the candle once its purchased. So safety is always a top concern in my testing.

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A CSN wick can only be found at Candle Science. It was designed for use in glow palm wax but can also be used in 'natural' waxes or high viscous waxes. Its manufactured by Wedo which also makes the RRD wick. The RRD and CSN are almost identical and burn very similar. I use the CSN in my crystal container palm candles. In a pinch I can also use RRD's as my backup wick and have on several occasions.


I'm not an expert on CDN wicks. As far as I know they are similar to CDs or are CDs but have a different prime wax coating for use in 'natural' waxes like soy and palm.


From Southwest Candle Supply:

"CDN wicks are flat-braid cotton and paper filament wicks specially coated to be used with NATURAL waxes. 

CDN wicks great for soy candles or soy blend candles and are designed to reduce the corrosive properties of conventional CD wicks."

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