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Because I do not have enough


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fragrance oils :rolleyes: , I have a list here, and would like your opinion of these FOs before I place my order.  They're from AH/RE:



Flannel sheets

Karma sutra

Pumpkin bread

Southern pecan pie

Falling leaves

Frosty windowpane

Kickin' caramel

Sweet amber musk

Essene of Jesus

Hippie chick

Oak barrel cider

Sweet potato spice

Vermont maple syrup


Sweet potato & brown sugar.


Thank you!! :)

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I've used the Oak Barrel Cide and really liked it, just wasn't a good seller.  I can also tell you the Marijuana stinks bad, like dirty bong water, not an earthy marijuana smell.  I have never found a good, true marijuana scent and I tried all I could find. 

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Buttercream -- it's okay...nothing special

Flannel sheets -- haven't used

Karma sutra -- didn't care for this one....very perfumey

Pumpkin bread -- it's decently strong, but there are better pumpkin scents out there

Southern pecan pie -- haven't used, but I can't sell the Pecan Pie I use now from CS

Falling leaves -- haven't used

Frosty windowpane -- LOVE!!!  I get tired of the same old Christmas scents, so this one was a nice refreshing welcome.

Kickin' caramel -- I've never met a caramel I really like

Sweet amber musk -- one of our best sellers for 3+ years -- super strong!!

Essene of Jesus -- one of our best sellers for 3+ years -- a bit on the masculine side, but wonderful throw!

Hippie chick -- better suited for b&b (too light for wax)

Oak barrel cider -- great scent, but not a good seller.  I think people are burnt out on cider scents they can buy anywhere.

Sweet potato spice -- this one is strong, but makes me want to vomit (I'm not a bakery fan though)

Vermont maple syrup -- pretty good and strong .... a little too buttery for my taste

Marijuana -- haven't used

Sweet potato & brown sugar -- another one that's good and strong, but rears up my gag reflex.  I hate these types of scents though.

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fragrance oils :rolleyes: , I have a list here, and would like your opinion of these FOs before I place my order.  They're from AH/RE:


Buttercream      Don't know. 

Flannel sheets   I hear it's smashingly good

Karma sutra     Felt this was way too light for straight paraffin ..., it would require a more than 1 oz pp use for me if I buy it again, but OOB it's divine and might be good bath bombs and other things that aren't soap and wax. I say that because too light in a straight paraffin means (to me) a no go in CP. 

Pumpkin bread   Don't know

Southern pecan pie  Don't know

Falling leaves    Don't know

Frosty windowpane    Don't know

Kickin' caramel    Don't know 

Sweet amber musk   .... if you like this kind of scent don't overlook it. It's strong!

Essene of Jesus    --- I've yet to make it and could only give OOB impression ... and I really need to get it into wax, because I like the OOB whiffs. 

Hippie chick   --- It's definitely worth a try. Very hip hippy fo. 

Oak barrel cider  --- Don't know

Sweet potato spice  Don't know

Vermont maple syrup -- Don't know

Marijuana  --- heard it was weak

Sweet potato & brown sugar.  Don't know


Thank you!! :)

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Kick n caramel is wonderful and very strong.....good choice


Southern pecan pie is another nice one.....


Marijuana is the most NASTIEST........., DISGUSTING..........., PUTRED........., VOMIT THROW UP SCENT THAT WAS EVER PUT OUT.......

I literally ran down to the basement holding my nose and breath so not to smell it  and wrap it up over and over again and triple bag it and then put in garbage bags to throw out.....It is so strong and disgusting and I only made 

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Southern pecan pie and kicken caramel are wonderful scents I love.


Marijuana is the MOST DISGUSTING......, HORRIBLE...PUTRED......VOMIT THROW UP GAGGING SCENT ANYONE HAS EVER PUT OUT......I literally had to run downstairs after making 1 candle holding my breath and nose so not to inhale this horrible scent.  I triple wrapped it and double bagged it to throw out....It's in the basement somewhere now and when I find it, to the dump it is going the whole pound of it.......



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Lmao....I can't remember what supplier I tried Mary Jane from but I was the same way...took weeks to air my house out- even CS odor eliminator didn't quite so the job! NASTY FO

Out of all the ones you have listed I have only tried falling leaves and it was to sweet smelling for me

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Seems that Mary Jane may be a big flop for AH, lol. 


Anyone tried selling it, or was it just too gross to even try? *shudder*


So, it just isn't like the "real thing", huh?  Too bad, 'cause if we could find a realistic one, it could be added to the "metaphysical" shops fragrances, lol. You know,  along with Dragon's blood (which I love), patchouli, etc.

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I am in the process of testing rustic Lodge right now. It's poured in pure soy and it's been sitting for over 10 days. Haven't burned it yet bit when I sniff the candle all it smells like to me is another apple pie/gramas kitchen type scent. Nothing "rustic lodge" about it to me.

Also burning Oak Barrel Cider right now, pure soy, 10 day cure, and am not smelling much of anything with it...so far weak throw.

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