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4627 and light FO - add vybar?

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I tested a great FO - its a skin-safe fragrance and on the lighter side - with 4627. Tried adding it at 6, 8 and 10%. 10% definitely had the best cold and hot throw but the scent was still not quite strong enough. I don't want to increase the amount to 12% --don't want to deal with soot and possibly seepage issues-- plus this FO is kinda on the pricey side. I know 4627 doesn't need any additives, but in this case do you think vybar would help? I don't have any on hand and don't want to order it unless I absolutely have to.


Any thoughts?

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Hi Boogie Luv - No I have to say I"ve done a lot of testing with vybar and it makes no difference with the 4627, except makes the wax shrink slightly.  the 4627 produces a great throw when you add the right amount of fragrance; and the correct wick.  You, like I, are using a very hard to wick wax (4627).


Some fragrances just don't throw well in hot wax.  The hot wax actually burns off the scent instead of picks it up and throws it. If it's a light fragrance then it's a light fragrance, and not all light fragrances work in a wax.


Our initial marketing was toward men, and male colognes.  Most of the nicest male colognes are 'light' fragrances, and they don't always work in wax unfortunately.  My suggestion would be, if you love it, sell it as a fragrance that gives a gentle scent.  Not all people love the strong scents, some people want a subtle scent.  Give it a go; and remember you've been working with the fragrance so there's a good chance that you don't think it's great, but those who haven't been around it all day long or in large doses, will absolutely love it.


just my 2c worth anyway

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