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Trimmed wick size seems to make a difference

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I'm a candle newbie and have performed dozens of test burns with Joy Wax, IGI 4627, and 4630 with CD, HTP, LX, and zinc wicks all with no luck. Everything either did not have a large anough melt pool, flame size was too big with soot, or candle burned too fast with very deep melt pools. WIth all trials I consistently trimmed my wick to 1/4". I decided to try the Premier 700 series wick after reading so many positive reviews and the likely chances of finding the "right" one given the small incremental sizes. I'm currently testing IGI 4633 with 8% FO, no dye, in 8oz tins. My first test wick was the WI-755. Both test candles had extremely tall wispy flames with streaming black soot. I extinguished them and did another test in two candles with WI-750 wicks. Both displayed flames that were too short and melt pools that were way too small. The large disparity in results between the two wick sizes didn't seem to make sense so I decided to try the 755 again but this time, I trimmed the wick shorter than 1/4". The second time around I had a taller flame with little to no soot and decent melt pool. Its making me rethink all the other test burns I did and wicks I wrote off because I thought the size was too big given the initial flame height and soot.


Has anyone else had this experience?   

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Have also discovered that 4627 is extremely sensitive to wick height at least where HTP wicks are concerned. Lit a 1212 with a flame that was slightly too high for my liking (+1"). Trimmed it down to somewhere in between 1/8" and 1/4" ended up with a flame that was only 1/4" tall. Lit a 104 and flame was also too tall but after trimming, flame was perfect.

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