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HTP and CD wick equivalency

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Sorry, I wanted to post this to the original thread (it was an old one) that I read last night but I couldn't find it again. It listed HTP wicks and comparable CD wicks. Here's the list:


HTP-31, CD-4
HTP-41, CD-5
HTP-52, CD-6
HTP-62, CD-7
HTP-73, CD-8
HTP-83, CD-10
HTP-93, CD-12
HTP-104, CD-14
HTP-105, CD-16
HTP-126, CD-18
HTP-1212, CD-20
HTP-1312, CD-22


There was a another post that mentioned that the HTP wick size does not necessarily increase with numerical order. Instead, starting from HTP-104, the order from smallest melt pool to the largest melt pool should go like this: HTP 104, 105, 1212, 1312, 126, 136, and HTP XL-100.


My question is, does this hold true for the CD wicks as well? Should the melt pool and corresponding wick size follow the HTP wicks? For example, starting from CD-14, should the order from smallest melt pool to largest melt pool be: CD-14, CD-16, CD-20, and CD-22?

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I would venture to say yes to your questions.  Maybe someone else can chime in here and give their input, but my answer would be yes.


That's a great chart Boogie.  I had one very similar a while back and couldn't  find it and was glad to see someone had a chart.


This is a great chart and it works pretty true to form for me as I use these wicks pretty much exclusively.


I will say though on your chart  it says an htp 1212 and a cd20 wick are pretty much the same size.....well, I use tons of htp 1212 and cd 22 and these 2 wicks are really the same (well it is for me...) - the cd 20 is close to the 1212 but the 22 is pretty much more closer.


I have never heard of a htp 136 or htp xl.....?????hmmmm.... they must be monsters.


Thanks for this chart!



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