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Looking for Little Black Dress FO 1 oz or so


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Hi,  I'm looking for Little Black Dress FO 1 oz or so.  R/A carries it but they want a $15 order and this is the only thing I really need.  If anyone is willing to part with some tht would be great.  Just let me know the price and shipping to 85258,


Thank you so much



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I just ordered from AH/RE on Wednesday of last week (the 20th) and I didn't see anything that said something about a minimum order?

Maybe I surpassed it? (but if so it's a very low minimum because total with shipping was $26) 


Anyway, sorry, I don't have LBD - I used my sample I got a couple months ago, wasn't too impressed personally, so didn't buy a bigger bottle. 

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The one from  A/R is the one I had before and loved it and the one I need.  I lookat at JS but did not see it there.




Are you the same person as the original poster, Missy40? I have 2 oz of LBD from AH/RE that I can let go, pm me.

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I think Fragrance buddy carries it too. They have an ebay store so you could probably order a small bottle there. They offer free shipping when you order from them on ebay but the price of the Fo is higher than when you order off of their site.

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