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Did you guys see this

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I love this idea!  I've thought about this b/4.  In fact just last week I had a lengthy conversation with one of the girl's who works at Candle Cocoon   discussing different fragrance oils and I asked her opinion about this exactly as they have a tutorial on the Flight forum how to do a diy lid and asked her about the papers sucking out the fragrance and she said what little amount it would suck out, wouldn't make much difference in the candle.  But  to me, I would think that after a while the oil from the candles would come through from the back side of the paper and show on the top and would look somewhat nasty after a while.  Wouldn't you think that?.  What if you could buy little plastic sheets that they make the cheap plastic lid covers out of and cut them to the size you would need for the candle and just stick your label on top?  I would think it sure would cut down costs on making a candle and help even more on the shipping when ordering jars by not ordering the lids.  I might just try this but I wonder where I could get the plastic from?



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I think it depends on the type of paper used also. What about vellum? I think that would be a decent option as long as it's not too flimsy, but it probably wouldn't suck out the scent or get as oily as regular paper, and not enough to soak through, I wouldn't think. Not sure though... 

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That is very cool! think of the money you could save doing this yourself. I would also worry about the oll slick on the paper and looking not so pretty after a while. Seems there should be an easy solution for it.


Aren't there some acrylic sprays that would make it water and oil proof?

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