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Cut Forever Red

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Looks great!! Good luck on your contest.

Thank you! I'm not sure how it's judged. If it's just random I have a shot. LOL 

If not, IDK - there are a lot of gorgeous soaps in the challenge.

However I am very proud of this one and I love how it turned out. 

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very pretty...love your colors..hope you win


edited to ask...

when did you make yours?


I made just a sample bar, July 30, mine has lost some of the scent..it is very light...

light enough..it is not comparable to what it is OOB...

i am anxious for you to report how yours cures..

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This is my second batch. I made a batch with the same scent on July 27th, and to my nose it's still just as nice. It was never a strong scent (even OOB) but out of a 1-5 scale, I would give this a 4 so far. I like to give my bars a 6 week cure so around the 7th of September I'll see how the first batch smells and let you guys know (if I can remember) :) 

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Thanks again everyone. :) 

I didn't win the contest, but that's okay. I still love these bars. Just as pretty as ever, and still smell nice. 

My first batch has faded just a touch, but only a tough. However, as much as I love the scent, I don't' think I'll be replacing this scent once I run out of it. Of course Aztec might discontinue it also. Seems they discontinue/rotate scents as much as us retailers do. I try not to get too hooked on anything they carry because of that trend... 

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