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Measuring Wax

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Hi!  I have a few of general questions regarding making candles.

The first is how do you guys measure an accurate amount of wax for each cadle to melt? Say I am going to make two 14 ounce candles. Do you melt 28 ounces of wax? Or do you melt like 24 leaving around 2 ounces for the fragrance?

Also, how do you reserve your wax for the second pour? Just leave it in the pouring pitcher then reheat it? 


Along with that question, does reheating the wax change it? Will the color or throw change? I read that you can pour extra wax you have into disposable cups, that was you can just tear them away and remelt the wax. If you were going to do that and save it for the next time you make that same type of wax, would it change over time since it would cure? Should you not add it to a fresh batch?


Last question this round! How do you guys clean your equipment, such as the inside of the pouring pitcher? Just with soap and water? Are you not scared of the wax getting into the drain and clogging it up? Do you wipe it out with a paper towel first before cleaning it? Even if so, there would be some wax residue that could get stuck in the drain, right?


Sorry for having so many questions. I am the type of person who likes to do a lot of research before delving into a new hobby. 


Thanks for your help guys!


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If I wanted 28 oz of scented wax I would melt 26 oz. wax and add 2 oz fragrance.  I have a chart that breaks it down by 4%, 6% and 9% so I don't have to do the math each time.

If I'm pouring pillars and need a second pour I just leave it in the pot.  If I have left over wax after the repour I just pour it in my "everything" pot and use it for fire starters.  You can pour it in a dixie cup and melt it down to add it to the next batch.  It will be fine.

My pour pots have never seen water.  I hit it with the heat gun (I actually use an embosser gun) and wipe it out.  Paper towels are my friend - cheap ones at that!

The search function will turn up a wealth of knowledge.  When I started I read every post from the oldest to the newest but I imagine that would be a little tough now.

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hi  just so you know 16 oz soy yeilds 18 oz when melted.  I melt my wax in one container then add fragrance and color in a pyrex cup

I use a spritz of rubbing alcohol  and paper towel to clean my cups. I never wash them. HTH

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Guest OldGlory

Lots of questions, so I'll take them in order and add info as I go.

1. How much wax to melt for 2 @ 14 oz candles? First of all, you need to get in the habit of weighing your wax and fragrance oil. The FDA requires that candles be measured by weight and the weight must be listed on the label if you intend to sell your candles. Your jar is probably sold as a liquid measure, which is a capacity measurement, not a weight measurement. So, before we can answer your question, you need to know what the jar will hold regarding weight. If you already know that your candle will hold 14 oz net weight, you should measure out a total of 14 oz including the fragrance. For 2, that is 28 oz combined wax and fragrance oil. I use 2 different waxes regularly and for a 16 oz jar, 13 oz of one wax will almost overflow, while 12.5 oz of the other offers a nice fill. Water and milkshake don't weigh the same if you fill an 8 oz jar. I hope that makes sense, and please excuse me if you already knew that.

2. If I am going to do a repour, I just leave the wax in the pitcher and reheat it when I'm ready to finish pouring.

3. The wax could change slightly, but you haven't told us the type of wax you will be using. Sometimes soy will frost more on a repour. Sometimes it won't.

4. The wax will probably not change if you pour it into a disposable cup and reuse later, but we don't know what type of wax you will be using.

5. I do not ever wash my pouring pitchers. I remove as much wax as I can by heating my pitchers (they are aluminum), then I wipe them out with paper towels. That's it.

6. NEVER pour wax into a drain unless you miss your plumber. If you have extra wax and can't use it, pour it in the trash. And be careful, it might be hot. Or not.  :)

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