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A Throw Away Mold

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:) Yesterday, I decided to use up scrap pillar wax from recycled church candles, So, I had a plastic pretzel holder, roughly 5 in wide X 9 in tall. The inside has swirls and the container was cylindrical shaped. I do use metal molds, but once in awhile, I find something odd and I want to see how a candle would look once it was made.     I had 4 different layers, each had a different scent (trying to use up fo samples) . Lavender, Yellow, blue, a small layer of red.  The bottom half ( or top once unmolded) of the container sort of sucked in , I discovered that when I poured the second layer. I poured at a real low temp, maybe it was just air? But the candle is coming away from the sides of the mold, so I'm not worried about the candle coming out, I will weigh the candle and post a pic.  Should be interesting :yes:

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Did you poke relief holes and do a repour? If not that could be why the candle "sucked in". Most all pillar waxes will require this, even if it is recycled wax... 






 As you can see, it does look unusual, I did poke the relief holes, :)   I was tempted to cut a step out, it took 3 hours to get it poured.  :),  I did discover I wasn't so crazy about patchitouli, although that was just one sample, maybe i'll try others.  It took 5lb of wax, and ended up being 5in wide x 8 in high. You cant really see the red layer, it was just a small amount of wax, was fun to experiment with tho.

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I'll let the candle set for aweek maybe, just guessed at wick size, although i normally use a square braid for the wick,I thought id try a zinc 62-52-18. Also poured 2 tapers in paper towel roller, I poured really cold since its card board,hopefully,I will get a really rustic look:)

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