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Authentic saddle leather??


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Hi :)

I love Southwest candle supply's leather. My friend felt that smelled very authentic to her ( she grew up riding horses). Problem is that I find it weaker than she wants. Anyone have other suggestions. I've done Peaks Genuine leather which smells great, but to me, it has a little more sweetness to it. I've also tried Texas Candle and to my nose it has a little citrus. Welcoming any suggestions for a really strong saddle leather (not like a new leather coat smell). I use 70% soy 30% paraffin with cd and cdn wicks..

Thank you!!!

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I love Texas Candle Supply the best but Lonestar has a really good one.

Also, my husband and a couple of people at work like TCS leather when I bought a bottle from them. I made some clams with some from Texas Candle Supply and some from TCS and the one from TCS won with 3 people. But, I personally still like Texas Candle Supply better.

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In my post TCS is The Candle Source. Sorry. I should've been clearer.  Wow, TCS could be The Candle Source, Texas Candle Supply, Tennessee Candle Supply, or The Candlemakers Store! LOL! I was talking about the candle source though.

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