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Aztec Blood Lime


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Has anyone tried this yet? Awesome citrus scent! My testers love it in tarts but I am not having any luck getting it to throw in a candle yet. I am hoping someone can help me rename it for a Country/Primitive line....I'm not sure it's a keeper yet, until I get it to throw but one of my friend's is pretty persistent that I keep trying!  :)

Here's Aztec's description:

A vibrant citrus medley of exotic blood lime with tangerine, Mandarin orange, honeydew melon and ripe tamarind.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Great names Candybee! You are so good at that! Decisions, decisions...I like them all! I am torn between "Yella Dawg Punch" & "Live, Laugh, Lime"...I also LOVE "Starlit Barn" but I think I will put that in my back pocket for later use :) 


Jcandleattic, I am glad it is working in soap for you. I bet it will be a great seller!  

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I haven't put it in wax, only soap. I LOVE it. So far it hasn't faded like most citrus scents do in soap. 


Thanks for the tip. I love citrus in soap too and so do my customers. I don't shop at Aztec so if you have other soap or candle favs you don't mind sharing please do. You know you can't just buy one sample. LOL

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There are a lot I use/like from aztec -

Forever Red type is one,

Pink Sangria,

Duck Farts (it's a sweet water spa type - have no idea why they named it that),

Blood Orange & Goji berries,

Cherry Lemonade

SoCal Hollister type

Sweet Winterberry

Watermelon Punch


There are a lot more that I like OOB but haven't put them in any product - the ones above I've put in either lotion, wax or soap or all 3 with very good results. 

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I'll admit, I got it because of the name, but I'll keep it because of the scent. It's a watery type spa scent, but also has a sweetness to it as well. It's hard to describe, but I do like it.


Also, I am el-cheapo, so anytime they offer the "revised" version of something, I always get that. To my nose it smells the same, both oob and in product, so I'll spend the lesser amount (I've gotten about 4 scents both regular and 'revised' before in samplers to test the difference) 

Some people say they can tell the difference and the "revised" versions are weaker. That hasn't really been my experience. 

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