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Old M& P base

7 Pawz

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Someone gave me a few pounds of uncut, unwrapped base they had gotten at a thrift store for .25, it had originally come from walmart and i think its been some years since they have carried m&p bases.  The "clear" base had turned a little yellow, and some of the edges were a little gummy, I felt that they were too old, hubby suggested to try melting to see what would happen.   I started melting in the microwave and it was hard to melt, but finally melted down with a few chunks that didn't melt and a skin started developing on top of the melted soap in the microwave :o  so i added scent and coloring, poured into a mold.   I let my soaping bowl and spatula soak, instead of of the leftover soap softening on the tools so they could be rinsed, the soap hardened :( , I ended up scapping it out of the glass bowl and throwing that portion in the garbage, I was afraid to put it down the drain, it was rock hard.

After finally getting that cleaned, I checked the molds, I ended up breaking one of the molds to get the soap out :o ,    By this time, I was throughly disgusted and threw soap, broke mold, unused base out

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I had a bad experience from old M&P too. Someone gifted me some old 1lb bases they got from a friend who quit using them. I had no idea how old they were and neither did my friend.


So I melted one down and like you mentioned it was kind of gummy and I could not melt it entirely as there was a thick film on top that wouldn't melt. I even tried adding a sprinkle of water and some glycerin to moisten the base but to no avail. I ended up throwing the whole batch out and the rest of the 1lb bases. Lesson learned.

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