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Looking for a new milk scent


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Thanks for the ideas. I have a small line of "milk & honey" scented soaps. Not to be confused with oatmeal, milk and honey additives in soap. This line is about the scent.

So far I have a pumpkin type and OMH scent (from SGS). I am thinking of also trying gingermilk and rosemilk. I think both are from Soapalooza. I heard the her rosemilk is wonderful in CP.

I have been thinking of switching out my OMH scent for an almond milk type scent. I have also been contemplating going with coconut milk. Peaks has a good one but don't know if it hold up in CP. Another coconut milk type is Thai Coconut from Soapalooza but the description makes it sound like a coconut lime scent which I don't want for my milk line.

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I have Almond, Milk & Honey that is amazing in M&P and EL Soy.  Unfortunately, it was also an EL oil, so not sure if I can get it anymore from the new supplier.  I mix it 50/50 with My Baby from Southern Scentsations and sell it as Buttermilk Baby in my buttermilk soaps.

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