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Sugared Spruce


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Candle Soylutions Sugared Spruce is wonderful....I'm burning as we speak....Kinda odd though as I went on their site this morning and didn't see that scent.


Lonestar has Spruce Orchard which I consider to be a sugared spruce and blows you out of the woods.


I'm getting a sample of Sugared Spruce from Rustic Escentuals this week.  I love their fragrances....So I can't remark about this one.



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I have used Sugared Spruce from ICS and really liked it!  According to my FO spreadsheet, I also have Sugared Spruce from AHRE (didn't know I had that one...oops) but I obviously haven't put it in wax yet.  When I sniff them OOB, it seems like AHRE's version is a tad sweeter and more mellow (not as sharp as ICS's version).  Interestingly enough, based solely on OOB sniffs, I think I prefer AHRE's version.  

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