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Just for Fun! Popular Fall/Christmas scents you don't like!


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What are some scents that sell well for Fall/Winter that you don't like to pour?


It would be Mulberry for me.


Very popular here but every time I pour it I get a headache. People seem to love it though!


I used to hate pouring anything spicy with orange but have learned to love that one!

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I get severe stomach pains and headache pouring gingerbread. I have to make sure I have my respirator on when pouring it. I love the scent in the candle just can't hack it when pouring lots of candles.


I used to hate, hate, hate Home for the Holidays but now I love it. It makes me gag and want to throw up when I am pouring candles or tarts. Ick. But I love it in candles and tarts. Go figure.

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Anything Evergreen Pine. It makes my stomach turn. Never used too until I was pregnant with my son, (he'll be 16 in November) and my hub and I were walking near some evergreen bushes that cats had been around and to this day pine just makes me sick and I can literally smell cat in any pine scent I smell. 

I am very sure this is psychological, but it's there and I smell it every time. 

In a blend it's not as bad, and I've learned to tolerate it, but if I can help it I don't make anything with a pine scent unless it is very very subtle... 

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Grapefruit and mango....I loved this scent when I first poured it years ago now I just get plain sick, can't stand it not even in finished product

I seem to have to pour this one a lot

Hansel and Gretels house is another I refuse to even pour again

All the bakery ones make me nauseous but I do like some of them finished in a candle- some

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It's funny how a scent will make one person sick and the next person just drools over it! I used to love a perfume named Hope. I wore it all the time. When I got pregnant with my oldest son and started feeling nauseated while I was wearing it and even now if I smell it I associate it with being sick at my stomach. I tried to wear it about 5 years ago, thinking after 25 years I would be ok. Nope! Couldn't handle it!


Mulberry doesn't make me sick at my stomach but I have to close the door to my wax room after I pour it because my head starts hurting. If I have orders I always pour that one last!

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