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Secret Ingredient???


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In the past year I have been making roll on perfume and room sprays. They don't have the staying power of commercial perfumes and room sprays. Is there a secret ingredient that helps with that? I have seen "Aromafix" type products to help fragrance. Wondering if that will help? Does anyone have any secret ingredients or tricks to share that will help.

I have been using FCO and FO for perfume.

I have also tried a 3 or 4 room spray recipes and the room spray base from Catalina Essentials. But the scents fades so fast.


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A lot depends on your ingredients themselves in each product.

Are you using fragrance oils or essential oils?

Are you using the fragrance(s) at the appropriate rate(s) for the application?

Some fragrance notes evaporate more quickly than others. Are you using enough base notes for holding power?

Yes, some commercially made products contain scent fixatives to extend the scent.

In the room sprays, i find that perfumers alcohol is a secret ingredient to distribute the scent into the air in a fine enough mist and with volatility to allow it to be smelled. Water bases or other less volatile bases allow the scent to sink to the floor in large droplets that won't smell for long.

It's probably easiest to answer each product's individual question separately....

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I have basically used fragrance oil dupes at anywhere from 3% - 15%.

In perfumes, I have made my daughter several different ones, including Pink sugar (peaks), warm vanilla sugar, be enchanted, Bombshell, and a few others. I love Goddess (SG) for me. I thought Goddess faded too fast - and then my 13 yr old daughter told me (unprompted) that she loves my perfumes but they don't stay on very long. I will try some cyclo and see if we notice a difference.

Room sprays - I keep attempting this but get discouraged. The sc***tsy room sprays are way better and last way longer. I even got a few of the same sc**tsy dupes from SOS so I could compare apples to apples. I'll just keep trying - maybe. :)

Thanks for the input!

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