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The problem I am having is not sure which throws better. My dilemma is between a CD18 and a CDN16. They are both very similar. The glass size is 3 1/4 diameter. 3022 wax and 9% fo (leather). So my question is when two wicks are so close in performance. What one does one choose? I know CDN is usually hotter, but the CDN 18 did not perform as well as the CDN16. Im thinking the CD18 may have a slight edge with the HT (but not quite sure). So when they are so close what would someone choose who works with this wax?

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Choose the one that gives the best burn especially if ht is comparable. Did one mushroom less than the other, have a more steady flame, did not smoke? These attributes make for a better candle. What works for one, may not work as well for another. So while we can suggest wicks, it will still depend largely on your own testing...hth.

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