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what's the hottest going scents been off the forum awhile...LOL


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Guest OldGlory

I think that will be different for everyone.

I am a wholesaler and I sell a lot of Apple Jack, Blackberry Sage, and a proprietary blend of pines and woods. That covers best sellers for one client. Another client sells a lot of Rain, Fresh Orange, and Apple Pie. Those are her best sellers. Hope that helps!

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Supernova is a dream to soap too. So far, I'm pretty impressed with FB. Have you tried Jungle yet? Oh and one ounce in a two pound mold is doing a great job with no morphing or fading.


Not yet. I still have a few I need to get into product before someone gets after me for "collecting" FOs again lol!

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I am needing to place an order with FB for MW oils and I am definitely going To be trying these Lush ones....I need new scents like I need a stick in the eye, but.....

I'm not a big time seller but my area seems to sell alot of grapefruit and mango, passionfruit guava, pink sugar, lilac, apple and sugar cookie

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