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Another Name for Christmas Hearth- CS


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It's funny you posed this question as I have been thinking myself of another name for Christmas Hearth.


Are you needing a Christmas name or just a name that you can use for this scent all year long.


Ones that I have thought of are:




Burning Embers




Crackling Firewood


Sorry, I'm not good at names....lol













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I've been testing this scent in 464 wax. Burns great and has a strong HT! I'm hoping to be able to take this to my holiday shows. Of course I'm still going back and forth on the name. Christmas Hearth does say what it is but Christmas Cottage is different and intriguing. Hmm... Names are so important when it comes to the customers forts impression of a scent.

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I make mine autumn orange. Its the name of the reddiglo dye chip. The color is a reddish orange. Like the color of fall leaves. I use one whole dye chip in my glow palm wax for each lb of wax.


I wanted a warm "fire" color because this scent smells like a spicy, smokey, fire going in the fireplace to me. I always burn a Christmas Hearth candle on Christmas Eve. I light a fire, then light the candle. Its became a tradition for me.

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