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Soy wax pillars

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I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with making soy wax pillars?  I'm using Eco soya PB.  They come out beautifully and are wicked correctly, but if I get a small crack near the edge while burning all the liquid wax runs out and the rest of the candle is useless because there is no way to manipulate the wax to repair it.  Make sense?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  

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I love Ecosoya PB but gave up on making pillars with it. It does make awesome votives thou.


Are you sure you have it correctly wicked? That would be my first guess if you are getting cracks with wax spilling out. This is a tough wax to wick and needs to tunnel in a bit before the rest of the candle 'catches up' and burns down fully consuming the candle. You may have to find the right blend of part tunnel followed by full wax consumption. I could get one or the other but never a perfect burn.

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