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Need melter suggestions for tart testing


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How do you decide which melters to use for testing if you're not going to sell any melters?  I plan to test with a Scentsy burner since they are so popular in my area but will have to buy one & I see they come in so many shapes/sizes & with different bulb sizes.  In my home I have a melter which uses a light bulb but most of the time I throw melts in a jar on an old wickless candle melter.  I'd really appreciate some direction in getting melters for testing. TIA!

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You are headed down the right path!

In my area, Scentsy bulb warmers are popular but my online customers almost all use the 2 piece warmer with bowl. I have both warmers and have tested my wax with both.

Scentsy-you'll want a full size warmer, no square dishes.

Glade now make a 2 piece warmer that many of my customers use. They are $10 at places like Walmart (my grocery store even sells them).

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Guest OldGlory

I would suggest using every type of melter to test, and record the different results. Results will vary widely under the best circumstances.

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