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85% 6006 15% soy

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 I hear a lot about adding soy to 6006. I am curious, what is the benefit of adding soy. Is it for HT, appearance, adhesion?

Also, I love my 3022. But I am melting another wax to compare.

I have 3020 (which I think is sort of the same as 6006), and I have 464.

I know some like 6006 with 415. I would be willing to try that combination, but I have these other waxes on hand, so I was going to try that first.

Do you think these results would be similar to the 6006/415?

Finally, I see the difference between 415 and 464 is additives, how do they perform differently?

Thank you!

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Guest OldGlory

I can't compare using 415 with 6006, but I can tell you I have played with several ratios of 6006 and 464, and I like a 10.5 oz 6006 with 5.5 oz 464 the best. That brings the final blend somewhere close to a 50/50 paraffin/soy blend. To my nose, the soy boosts the hot throw but you can pour it a lot hotter than all soy. No frosting, very smooth tops.

I would definitely try (if I were you) a similar blend of 6006 and 415. Remember to keep very detailed notes for reference.

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Nobody really knows for sure, but supposedly 6006 is 65% paraffin and 35% soy. Adding 15% soy makes a 50/50 ration and (for me) improves adhesion and reduces sooting. It certainly makes for a creamy candle but you have to pay close attention (in my experience) with what percentage of fo you use. It can be a little picky if you add too much or not enough when it comes to performance. Adding soy used to be a cheaper alternative but now all waxes are pretty much expensive. Use what you have on hand and test. If you don't like the results, try 415 or stay with the 3022. HTH


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I thought 6006 was 70/30.. I'd rather use straight soy than 6006. It makes a pretty candle but I can't get a throw to save my life and I've tested just about every wick there is. Zinc did the best but not good enough. I went back to Paraffin or straight soy.

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