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3022 clarus

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( this is not my candle, it is from a successful company)

this is the pic that I was talking about, Steve. I dont know why I couldnt attach it in the other post, but oh well. I guess this is what I was thinking I should be trying to get when I hear people get a FMP in the first burn.

And with the 3022, you find that the CDN is better than the CD.  I am not sure what steric candles are, but I am gathering that the 3022 is more like that? So in that case CDN work better?

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That looks nice. Steric acid makes candles harder and more opaque. The coating resists vegetable based acids that tend to clog and break down other types of wicks. I can interchange cdn or cd without a whole lot of noticeable difference but I like the stiffness of some cdn coatings and it seems to burn a little hotter in my application. My candles are not that pretty and perfect as the picture but some do give me that clean appearance; it depends on the fo but heres my take. That's a tall flame from a tall wick and the melt pool is a tad deep for my taste. I would guess if you touched the glass its gonna be pretty hot, which means half-way down its gonna be really hot. You could try LX wicks but you should be able to get what you want with almost any wick. If the flame is small and weak, then wick up and if the flame is too tall, then wick down. Rip that wick out and throw in a larger wick until you get what you want and the glass is not too hot and the thing doesn't look like a fire hazard. The only other suggestion I could make would be to buy a bit of petrolatum and add a small amount to see if that helps.

Otherwise go to another wax and start over. HTH


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