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Insurance and Zoning Laws


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I'm starting to think home-based businesses aren't even legal without them coming right out and saying so! I've been looking into some things and finding nothing but road blocks so far. It's like you have to be a rich corporation to get anywhere (legally).


First, insurance- My homeowners insurance states that it won't cover the "part or entire" home used for business purposes. It seems like most home owners insurance won't cover and will drop you completely. Business insurance seems to offer liability only (product and outside of the home stuff, like craft shows). The most coverage I can find is from Brower Insurance with their Artist Program but the property insurance only covers the equipment inside, not the house itself. So what happens if there is a fire from a candle or something?


Then while looking for something completely different I came across my local zoning laws. They basically don't allow any home business or even storing of inventory. Am I living in a very strict neighborhood or is this common? I won't have customers coming to the house or advertise from it, so I didn't think about this before and not sure what to make of it.


So what are all of you doing? Do you have insurance that really covers you and your home (not just product liability)? Can you share which company you are using? What about your zoning laws? I'm not in business yet but looking at this I'm not sure if I'll ever be.



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