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Don't be scared Honest they are not alive


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Okay maybe they are. They at least had a mind of their own. I did not expect them to be that bold but hey like I said mind of there own.


What my polymer clay adventure is really about is putting clay on glassware for candle use. It also did not take me long to figure out pouring a candle in the jars or other glassware might not be a good idea as container candles can get very hot. The clay under heat will get soft again not clay like again but soft and the stuff can get burnt look to it if it get to hot.


This one is for flowers. I am also looking for some kind of insert so I can put maybe tapers in it.



I am going to put a pillar candle in this one



Most likely a votive glass in side then a votive in this one




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Thanks guys

Would it be so awfully pushy & rude to ask for a tutorial? *hiding*

I would not have a problem doing one. If enough people are interest that is. Another I hope to talk in to a tutorial for clay is DeAnna EC she has been doing clay a while.

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Those are gorgeous Vicky! I have seen some really pretty art pieces with clay. I love your glasses. I think pillars and votives are the way to go on those.


I've been trying to get into painting glasses and mugs when I can find the time. At least their is paint that can be baked right onto the glass so it is dishwasher and microwave safe. Too bad you can't bake the clay to harden it and make it permanent.

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Candy it is baked and it is permanent. Polymer clay does have limits no microwave but no biggy there as it not food safe. It is non toxic but it does have plasticizers in it so you really should not eat off of it. The heat I am worried about is above baking temps. Most polymer clays bake between 265 to 300 degrees. While I do not think a candle jar is going to get that hot I would rather error on the side of caution. 

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