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KY125 and 12oz Status Jar

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Good Morning All-


I use ky125 wax and am in the process of testing with the 12oz Status Jars.  I currently use 8oz square mason jars, but have a request for the status jars which could turn out to be a great opportunity for me.  I have read some posts about wicking the status jar with various other waxes and it seems they can be a challenge.  I was hoping maybe someone out there has used the KY125 in these and has some suggestions for a starting point for wicking. 


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.



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Tracey, I do not use the KY 125; is it an all-paraffin or a parasoy?  I use the Status jar and my waxes are paraffin, though I occasionally use 6006 (parasoy).  The wicks that give me the best performance are zinc wicks.

Hth :)

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Thanks Barbara -


KY125 is a soy/cottonseed blend (this is sold through Rustic Escentuals).  I have a wide variety of wicks in my collection.  I use mainly CD's and CDN's.  I also have HTP's and Cotton wicks.  This jar has proven quite the challenge. 

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