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Need htp advice

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So Im moving on in testing and am going to test the htp wicks.  The jar im using has a diameter of 3.1 inches and I'd like to try double wicking it.  I have both cb 135 wax and gb 464.  Can someone recommend a starting point for double wicking this jar with htp's?





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Hi Pixie, I don't use the same wax as you but from what I understand double wicking is most often used with a 4" and larger jars but of course you can try it lol. In my experience with htp wicks burns hot and may not be needed in that size container.

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Yep, I use that size wick in a 3" jar - htp 126


I've been trying to double wick a 3" jar so I can get a better scent throw but not much luck  and I'm using the 3" apothecary jar.

So far the smallest wick that I've tried in double wicking are 2 cd 4's.  I thought they were going to work but the melt pool is too deep.

I tried 2 cd 3's and they were struggling too much the wicks are petering out, so that didn't work.


I'm thinking that 2 htp 41's might work.....I just want a better throw.  I'm an htp girl and now do a lot with cd's.  I'm trying to figure out what wick would work that is stronger than a cd3 but not as strong as a cd4.....I'm not used to using eco's....Would someone here know???????????????..Maybe 2 small eco's.  Do they burn hotter???????????????


It's just that I get so amazed that candle companies out there like McCalls and Yankee and a few others you go and light up a candle and the throw is right there immediately but their wicks are torches and I'm constantly trimming their wicks.....and the jars are so friggin hot....I just don't know how they get away with that as far as safety goes....h.mmmmm.


I made a 3" jar candle with 2 eco 10's according to Candle Sciences wick chart for 464..  Geesh, I just know those wicks are going to be too big...but I thought I would try.


Not to get side tracked.......I was in a store the other day looking at a line of wine bottle candles.....Now that really amazes me.....

All these wine bottles that companies put out those edges of the cut jar tops you could slice your finger off....how do they get away with that?



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Trappeur,  In my experience eco wicks burn hotter than htp's. I'm sure the two Eco-10 wicks are going to be a torch in that 3" jar lol. In a 3" jar the eco 12 seems to work well but I have never used your wax type. So, I don't know how it may behave with a eco-10.

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