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Event Report 7/14/14

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It was hot! hot! hot! The weather not the market!


The summer heat and humidity always effects my sales. July can be pretty slow.


Two of my farmers markets were pretty slow because of the heat. My Friday and Sunday markets are new for me this season so its been slow going building a customer base. But my Sunday market I am beginning to see more repeat customers and so by the end of the day all my sales were from repeat customers.


Saturday was my best day. Again the majority of my sales were from repeat customers. I like those because they spend the most money!


I sold out of my salt bars and shaving soap so I will be making more this week. I am getting more requests for facial soaps especially my lard soap, non-drying hand soap, and extra moisturizing soaps. Seems the Summer heat is making more of my customers looking towards soap for dry skin and skin blemish problems. I am also getting requests for a soap with Jewelweed for poison ivy. Since I don't make those I will research jewelweed and see if I can come up with a recipe. Soooooo.... Summer heat does have its perks.


I have one repeat customer that keeps buying out all my spearmint and eucalyptus salt bars. I keep making them but by the time I put them up for sale they sell out real fast. Anyway, she's the one that's buying them as gifts for an upcoming Sept. wedding. She picked up her 2nd order Saturday and asked about a 3rd order for next week. Apparently they are making a big hit. I am waiting to hear back from her this week on her decision.


Lavender blends, citrus, and earthy scents like Goddess, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Amber, and Egyptian Amber are again big sellers this weekend along with the skin problem soaps.

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