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The flashpoint of FO's

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Hello from the UK,


Ive been getting into candle making for the past 9 months or so and have started to get some good results. I started off with paraffin but have since moved onto Naturewax C3 (for some reason I didnt get on with paraffin wax and found it more of a pain than soy)!!


When making candles with C3 I heat the wax to 185F, add FO at around 175-180F, stir for a few mins then pour around 165F (covering the top of the jar with a piece of paper as the candle sets). Im getting good tops, no frosting and minimal wet spots this way, great CT and (with most FO's), great HT too.


Currently Im using fragrances that have quite a high flashpoint but Ive recently got a fragrance that has a flashpoint of 160F. As there's loads of different and conflicting info on the net regarding candle making, my question is, does anyone still add FO at a temp higher than its flashpoint without weakening the scent of the oil, or, with a FO with a flashpoint of 160F would you add it to the wax at that temp or lower?


I realise a lot of candlemaking is about testing to get answers but just thought I'd check opinions first without wasting any more FO. :)


Many thanks


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I have always poured all my FO's around 180 - 190 degrees.  If you pour at a much lower temperature, you sometimes risk the oil not mixing properly with the wax.  I've been doing it this way for more years than I want to count and never had a problem.  :)

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