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Does anyone specialize in single-note or single accord FOs?

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I am interested in blending proprietary candle scents, but I am having a terrible time finding single accord or single-note fragrance oils.  For example, many sites have something like sage-blackberry or sage-lemongrass, but no one has just sage.  Or they will name a fragrance "Bayberry" but it will be a holiday-themed fragrance containing cinnamon and pine, but be totally dissimilar to actual the bayberry or bay rum plant.  I'd also like to clarify: I don't want EOs - aroma chemicals are just fine.


I've contacted several companies and gotten a pretty hard brush-off from them, usually with a form letter that expresses that I can have LOTS OF FUN with their THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS! Which is true, but… not what I want.


I've worked in the fragrance industry off and on, and I know how complicated it can be to work with aroma chemicals.  A "single note" is not a simple task.  Sometimes it is dozens of aroma chemicals just to emulate the scent of a single flower.  Some of these chemicals are crystals that need to be blended with a solvent before they can be cut with an oil to blend down for candle use, and you never know how these chemicals will act when they are warm vs. cold until you actually test them.  I understand all this.  But as I am trying to get into candle making I am sort of amazed that there are what appears to just be like 5 companies that all sell the exact same versions of "cherry cheesecake" and "forest glade" or whatever, and very few have vetiver or opponax or just amber - scents that are common as hell in every other fragrance industry.


Does anyone know where the candle companies source their fragrance oils from?  I'm thinking that going around them to their suppliers might be the solution.  A few I've emailed with claim to blend them in-house but I find that unlikely.  I think they blend a few more complex fragrances together in house by just mixing the pre-made oils, but who makes those?



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Do a google search of fragrance oil manufacturers and that should give you some of the top companies.  Most of them have minimum requirements from 10 lbs. to 25 lbs or higher. 

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Guest OldGlory

I think you will find a few suppliers selling 'single note' fragrances (although I don't think any of them specialize in them)but how true they are to the real essence of that single note is up to interpretation. For example, Aztec sells a sage fragrance. When I started my business 13 years ago, I started with essential oils, so I know the smell of sage essential oil and even dried white sage for smudging. I don't think the manufactured fragrance oil and either the herb or the essential oil are remotely close.

Perhaps when you find a source or sources that produce realistic single note fragrance oils sold in small quantities (say, 1 lb bottles) you can share with us :)

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