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Oh I think they're made in specific molds that aren't that deep, maybe 1/4" thick, but the key would be to wick them correctly because of the multiplicity in there. I bet you could try one in a pie pan or some kind of angel food cake ring on a surface. The trick would be how and where to put the wicks. So my guess would be: 


1) have you geometric sized mold.

2) Pour melted wax in at half of the depth you want to go. 

3) When the wax starts to solidify, start laying on the wicks (Key will be to know what kind of circumference a wick gives to help with the spacing ... count on using wicking probably just above typical votive sizes as a starter maybe) 

    (a) Think about where you want those wicks to end as you won't be tabbing them

    ( B ) Also consider how best to anchor your wicking, because they could move when you add the rest of your wax. 

4) Pour the rest of your wax

5) To make it look seamless, I'd suggest hitting the sides of the mold with a heat source. 


This is what initially comes to mind as a make-shift way to try it. 

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Good luck! You might come up with other ways to try it and then you'll have to scope for clip or stand or something that will support that wax shape and weight. 

If they're popular where you are, you might go get one to make comparisons or at worse, an expensive dissection of the candle. 

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