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Looking for Ocean/Beachy/Tropical


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My friend had ask me to make 40 candles for her bridal shower.  The theme is ocean/beachy/tropical and she would like the scents of the candles to be the same.  I need about 4 or 5 scents.  Can anybody suggest any?  Thanks. =)

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I can suggest some fruity tropical scents. Ozone/green/ocean scents kill my allergies so others will have to help you there! Oh, and since I only make melts, I cannot tell you if any of these create issues with wicks. They are just tropical, fruity scents.


RE Bora Bora

RE Fruit Medley

Peak Tropical Fruit

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Here are some I like to use in my summer candles:

CS has some good ones that throw really well in parafin, soy, and palm:

Beach Linen

Coconut Lime

Sex on the Beach

Hawaiian Breeze

From Peaks:

Ocean - I mix this with some of their Freesia and name it Boardwalk Breeze (good in parasoy and palm)

Beach Daisies? forgot the name

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Blue Hawaiian by Nature's Garden is phenomenal. The throws are incredible in 6006 and ecosoya pb.

I also tested island coconut by candlescience, which smelled great and threw well. But I personally wanted something fruitier/sweeter. Island coconut smells like piña colada! Yummm

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