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My Dear Crafters- 

I really don't explore this part of our Community as I do candles but I have been volunteered into making an item for a Chinese Auction for my son's football fundraiser along with two other mothers that I don't know.

The item we need to donate as a trio has been assigned:  A LOTTERY TICKET TREE



We will donate $60.00 worth of tickets amongst us for the tree the easy part-- but then there's the tree part, LOL!!

I am thinking about buying some tree branches, somewhere cheap maybe Dollar Tree, along with some battery-operated butterfly lights that I saw in the Dollar Tree store last week.  They are blue and will call attention to our item.  Then I want to use some gardening twist tie wire to secure the lights to the branches, stick them in green styrofoam, school color ribbons and finally attach the lottery tickets to the tree somehow.  Sounds easy right??   :unsure:


Has anyone ever made one of these and can you offer any suggestions?




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Thank to all for your suggestions.

After looking around I found some items in the Dollar Store mentioned  above which helped me create this lottery "basket".  Fuggedaboutit ,  (NY expression, chuckling ),  but I think the basket worked better for me than the tree (and cheaper too).... There are $70 worth of tickets,  no ribbon needed, lights were enough.  The sign is the slogan for the NY Lottery.  Funny but my printer was running out of colored ink so the sign is not uniform in color but I think it looks cool.....

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