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Scents That Please Most People


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So I know a scent is kind of a personal thing--what I like is not what you like..

I would like to give my candles as gifts to people like teachers, etc. without specifically asking them what their favorite type of scent is.,,

So what is a scent type that is pleasing to most people?  Would love to hear everyones opinions please..

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Guest OldGlory

That could be a regional thing. Where I live, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, a balsam/pine/fir outdoorsy scent is a best seller with my wholesale accounts and a few other stores at which I've inquired. Apple scents are also good here.

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I WISH that there were universal scents!

I have a few customers who want ONLY Vanilla and some who want anything EXCEPT Vanilla!


Those I pour over and over:


Fruity scents (Lime, Lemonade, Strawberry)

Sweet Vanilla scents (Cupcake, Marshmallow)

Clean/Laundry scents

Bakery scents (Cake, Pie, Cobbler)


As much as I love them and melt them myself, I struggle to sell as much apple/cinnamon/pumpkin scents.

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I am in Minnesota but most of my business is in the Eastern part of the US and Canada. But around I sell a lot of Apple Scents, Citrus and Baked Scents...cinnamon buns etc. I also sell a TON of Lavender and Lavender Vanilla and Clean Cotton. People are strange. I personally love baked scents and apple pie is always one of my go-to scents.

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I live in East Texas and my biggest seller so far has been leather and leather blends. I don't get it when there are so many good ones out there like Mrs. Claus Cookies (that was a big seller too!) and banana nut bread, apple pie etc. I like the smell of leather but I don't want my house to smell like that LOL!

 Right now if they aren't buying leather they're buying the tropical/fruity scents like butt naked, caribbean, mango papaya.


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