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Just Scent (fo's) ?


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They have some really good ones - but they have so many to offer it can be expensive choosing what you want to try and see if they work in your formula- I went thru many samples and only use a handful but I also use soy which is pretty picky about what it likes to throw strong

I use their


blueberry cobbler

Cinnamon clove nutmeg

Becky's ultimate vanilla

Butt naked

Pink sugar

Cranberry orange

And they discontinued my all time favorite wild currant and Sandlewood

Cactus and sea salt

There are more but I can't remember off hand

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They're one of my main suppliers.  Yes, with any supplier you're gonna get duds.  Here's some advice that may be helpful:


Her vanilla scents -- most are amazingly good and accurate

Her citrus scents -- I find most of them to be weak in parasoy

Her bakery scents -- if it has caramel in it, it's going to be strong.  Some of her fruity bakery are just so-so.

Her Christmas scents -- tend to all smell the same (only so many variations you can do with orange, clove, cranberry, etc)

Her BBW dupes -- I've yet to find one that isn't dead on!  Her Vanilla Bean Noel is better than the original.

Her floral scents -- I've only tried a handful so I'm not much help there

Her summer/beachy scents -- most have worked very well for me in parasoy

Her fruity scents -- just pay attention to the "ingredients" ... many are the same except for one added thing (i.e., cherry, orange, lime vs. cherry, orange, lemon)

Her pumpkin scents -- Yes!


Hope this helps :)

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I use quite a few of her oils too and like everyone else have found good and bad. I like 

buttercream suger cookie

absolutely fabulous cake

All of her coffee scents are great except snickers coffee (but I haven't melted it yet so might now be a fair review)

Cranberry pomegranate

chestnuts and brown sugar

I have most of her pumpkin scents and they're good

Birthday cake is good

Vanilla Bean Noel-to die for!

Apple Butter

Apple Butterscotch Cake

Caramel Fudge Cake

Sugared Apple

Bahama Mama

Bear Claws-has a chocolate note to it but smells good

Berry Buttercream puffs

Blonde moment

Blue cotton candy-yum!

Brassy Blonde-havent poured yet

Butter pecan

and the list goes on and on!


If there's something you would like to try, just pm me and if I have it I'll send you a sample of it. I have quite a few of her oils. Some I love and some I won't buy again!

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