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Question for Polymer Clay people


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I am no expert in this stuff.  In fact the first I heard of it was reading your post in another thread.  In my Google searches it does not seem to affect the clay.  It just mixes in with it.  This is very interesting stuff and it has started the wheels turning in my head.  The next time I get to a Michaels or Hobby Lobby I will have to check this stuff out. 

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Okay first experiment started.


Sculpey 3


Baked bead just add some FO (magnolia-Peak) to the bead no glaze. I glazes are just a form of varnish so I know FO will eat through that so did not put glaze. I will check tomorrow and see if I see any change in the bead.


Unbaked clay just brushed a little disk with FO(same as above) will check tomorrow to see if I see any change.


Unbaked but conditioned it in, going to let this one sit also added on drop FO the amount of clay was equal to a 30mm round bead.


I will be baking a bead tonight with a 30mm amount plus 1 drop FO( I do not want to heat up my oven in the day time when it so hot).

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FO does not seem to effect the clay but at what is the point the when it baked the scent pretty much disappears you can still smell it but not a lot. My fingers smell great after kneading in to the clay. Now the brushed on baked bead seems the better option. As long as you do not have glaze on it, it absorbed in to the bead after about 24 hours. I think I would be better off with aroma beads and they are cheaper. 

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I ordered a 2 ounce block of Sculpty Premo from Walmart.com because I could not find any in my one horse town. I wanted to see how it would work for air fresheners by adding FO.  I got it yesterday and I was surprised at how small it was for the price ($2.63).  My first thought was well if this works out I will have to find a cheaper source.  


So I played around with it and then added some WYW Vanilla Grapefruit to it because I know it rocks in aroma beads.  UGH!  What a mess that was.  I ordered pink because I was going to try a cancer ribbon and of course the color was all over the place because of the FO.  It does wash off but it was very messy.


So I got it all mixed up and baked it per the instructions.  After it baked I added more FO to soak in.  When it dried I hung it in my car to see how it would be in the morning. 


I got in my car this morning and nothing...nada.  It does smell if you put you nose on it but it does not work like aroma beads.  


I might still play around with it to try and bring the creative artsy person out in me.  Maybe during the slow times of candle making!   :)

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the trick to having scented polymer clay is to mix the scent with the glaze. I would recommend a very strong scent, clear in color.


1. bake your clay creations let them cool completely


2. pour a small amount of  sculpey gloss/glaze into a small container (I use little dixie cups) add a drop or two of your scent and mix it together

don't mix in to much scent or glaze will just be a sticky mess.


3. add a thin layer of this glaze mix to your creations, let it dry and add another layer etc...until you have a nice shiny smelly good creation.

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