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Tangerine Dreams (the Alabaster version)


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Does anyone know of a supplier who sells a Tangerine Dreams that smells like the (now closed) Alabaster's fragrance?

I just ordered the fragrance from Community who took over Alabaster but the TD is not the same.  I am comparing the two now and the Community version I received today is nothing like it.  I have previously purchased NG's version which is also different from the old Alabaster FO.


If anyone is familiar with the Alabaster TD, would you happen to know who sells something that smells like it?  thank you


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Lorelei - if you normally get anything from Community, see if you can ask for a sample of the TD... I actually had correspondence with the new owner about it and she said it is the same FO as Alabaster.  So... maybe it could be my nose but I am sniffing them side by side (holding onto the precious 1/2 oz left).  Hmm maybe I will try the dupe service with SOS!!


Faery - thanks for the BW rec -- I actually had tried them during the limbo of Alabaster closing and Community opening.  BW wasn't the same either though :-). 

I will be so excited if the duping plan works!!   


Thank you

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